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The World of Vintage Collector watches is evolving very fast, today is very difficult to obtain original parts and pieces.Time will come when these pieces will become priceless....

Some are out of production and others have been produced in limited quantity, with a specific number.A watch is relatively easier to find compared to its components, and we regularly offer vintage parts and accessories, now collection pieces, for your pretty watches.

This is where our work is.

For a few years now, our team has been in contact with several collectors and professionals in the watchmaking world. We discover news treasures and make other collectors benefit from them. Through eBay and other online websites, we work in collaboration with watchmakers and other experts to guarantee the highest quality of products and work.

Our philosophy is sample : maintain your watch rather than leave it to become only a souvenir or good for exchange, most collectors regretting having sold their watches after only a few months…

Rather than regularly change watches without really building a sentimental value in it, Chrono-shop Website offers a form of "quality maintenance" thanks to the sale of pieces and accessories, 100% originals to allow you to change some parts of your watch for cheaper while preserving it... and be able to resuscitate the charm of your Rolex Oyster.

Our work is based on a permanent research for our customers.
We reply every day, every time.

We also buy, trade Rolex, Tudor, Breitling, and Omega parts.

We are opened to all offers, feel free so please contact us :

Watch lovers or collectors, or amateurs, we daily offer some of our stock through eBay and every days in our website.

You can ask us to find you specific parts for your watch. Some look for watches from their year of birth, a vintage goodie (anchor-tag-wallet) to complete a set, or simply the small vintage item, lost but found again thanks to our daily research services.

Essentially focused on the Rolex, Tudor and Breitling brands, the items we offer range from sports steel models to classic models. Quick and efficient, it usually takes us between 14 and up to 42 days to find the pieces you require...

We're the First website specialized in Rolex vintage parts with more and more infos for worldwide collectors.

Enjoy your research and welcome to this world of passion that has no limits once you enter it...

You are most welcome to contact us by email for any questions you may have:

A deposit will be required for all research for personal purposes.

Vintagely yours.


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